Diversity in Cornell Economics (DICE) was founded by a group of Cornell graduate students in the fall of 2019. We strive to improve equity in economics and related fields, empower students to progress in the field, and provide a sense of belonging for all members of the economics community, particularly those from historically underrepresented groups.

There are three types of DICE members: general members, committee members, and executive board members. Executive board members and committee members are responsible for planning and implementing programming that furthers the mission of DICE.

We organize our work across several committees:
  • Women+ of Cornell Economics
  • Department Accountability
  • Undergraduate outreach and mentoring
  • Communications

Daphne Blakey - Chair of Undergraduate Outreach and Mentoring
Lexin Cai - Treasurer, Economics Diversity and Inclusion Committee Grad Student Representative
Molly Doruska - GSGEE Chair
Luc Esprabens - Co-Chair of Communications, Dyson Diversity Council representative
Kalie Pierce - President
Anthony Ponce - Vice President, Department Accountability co-chair, Communications co-chair
Chloe Smith - Department Accountability co-chair, Economics Diversity and Inclusion Committee Grad Student Representative

Anne Burton
Anne Byrne
Matt Comey
René Crespin
Christa Deneault
Michael Meneses
Grace Phillips
Dana Smith
David Wasser
Meredith Welch
Joy Wu

If you would like to join us, feel free to reach out at Cornell.DICE@gmail.com.